Work Permits For Temporary Workers in France

If you are a of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you do not need to obtain a work permit before arriving in france. Non-EU citizens will need to secure a work authorization either in the form of a visa or as a separate document attached to their residence permit.

The contract type that will be most commonly encountered is a CDD (Contrat à duree indeterminée). This is the standard private work contract in France and legally employers must offer it to anyone looking for full time or part-time employment. It is a permanent contract that offers job security and can only be ended if it is shown the employee has committed serious wrongdoing or there are financial difficulties with the company.

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For those working with a temping agency the contract will be a contrat de travail temporaire and last the length of a specified task that is set by the client. This is not as long a term contract as the CDD but it does offer some flexibility for workers.

Generally speaking, french workplaces are very formal. Workers are expected to show up at their jobs on time and leave on time as well. The average work week is 35 hours and holidays include 30 days paid holiday, 11 public holidays, and a ‘right to disconnect’ law that ensures employees are not required to send emails/messages outside of working hours. In addition, employees are also eligible for health insurance.

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