Windows 11 Release Date Revealed

Windows 11 release date









Windows 11 release date, features and system requirements – Computer Technicians

Windows 11 has been revealed as the next major release of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which is expected to be released in late 2021. Announced at an event in California, Windows 11 will be the replacement to Windows XP, released two years earlier. Windows users will need to upgrade their computers to the new system when it becomes available for sale. Windows 11 features and system requirements are more advanced than those of Windows 8.

Windows 11 Release Date

The new look of Windows 11 will feature a new user interface, which is similar to that of the classic Windows interface. Other new features include support for Windows Remote Desktop, which allows multiple users to log onto the same computer at the same time. Windows networking will also be supported, including the Windows Server running on the Windows Server, providing a “forest” of servers for network applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Other new features include an application store called Windows Store, which provides additional apps that can be used in the future versions of Windows.

According to previous leaks, the next-generation operating system will allow multiple computers to be connected to the operating system at the same time. It is believed that this will allow users to access applications from multiple devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, and to use the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi rather than using a separate connection. Further details on the new operating system, such as its features and system requirements will become available in the coming months and years. Windows 11 will be one of the biggest updates to Windows ever launched, and will be a welcome update to the existing Windows platform.

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