What is Special Needs?

People with special needs can be found in every demographic, and they may have a variety of disabilities. Their condition could be physical, mental, or psychological. Geraldine Gomez, a licensed mental health counselor in Maitland, Florida, says that a person’s behavior or emotions can also be considered special needs, especially if they are severe enough to prevent a person from functioning normally.

The term ‘special what is special needs’ refers to any disability that is not typical for a person of the same age and can affect their daily life. This can include a physical disability, learning disability, or mental health issue such as anxiety or depression. People who have emotional or behavioral issues that make it difficult for them to function normally often require more support than those without such disabilities.

What Exactly Are Special Needs? Exploring Definitions and Support Systems

When it comes to children, they might be declared to have special needs when a doctor or health care professional suspects that they do not progress as expected or that they are struggling academically. They might need a more individualized curriculum, additional support services, or specialized equipment such as a wheelchair or communication aids. Educators might also promote student athletes with special needs to compete in organizations like the Special Olympics, or offer Adapted Physical Education where students with a range of disabilities are taught sport in small groups with peers who do not have disabilities.

Parents need to find the right medical professionals who understand a child’s special needs. They should look for a location that is close to their home if they are going to need regular visits, or an organisation that has experience expediting insurance procedures and advocating on behalf of children.

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