What Is an Electric Car Car?

electric car car

A pure electric car to drive an electric motor-generator that in turn recharges the batteries. An EV’s motor-generator can operate in a variety of modes, including a single speed setting that can be used for very low speeds on level ground and steep hills. A second, high-speed mode enables fast acceleration for short bursts and can be used when overtaking. A third and more economical mode slows the motor for city driving. An onboard charger replenishes the battery from a standard 120 V plug-in power source, but most electric cars also allow direct DC charging at public stations or through a home charging system.

Electric Car Car: The Benefits of Going Electric

Many major automakers have made EVs a core part of their product plans, with several now offering models that can go over 200 miles on a full charge. This is partly due to falling battery costs, but it’s also because there’s increasing global acceptance that the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars needs to come to an abrupt halt if we’re going to reduce climate change.

Some of the latest EVs are fast and fun to drive. The Porsche Taycan, CAR’s current electric car of the year, is a case in point, with its impressive performance, superb handling and high-end interior helping to make it right at the very top of the EV game. It’s even been updated for 2024 to improve its range and add a flagship Turbo GT model that has a staggeringly high maximum power of 1093bhp.

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