Wearing the Best Suit Ever

formal suit

Formal suit, formal apparel or formal occasion wear is the more modern, Western style dress code for the more formal events, including weddings, christening, confirmations, funerals and other formal occasions, as well as some state dinner parties, balls and horse races. It’s the equivalent of a suit for guys. Western wear can include anything from cowboy boots to jeans, shirts, jackets and ties. However, for women, the usual full dress shoes and high-heeled stilettos are usually not acceptable. The women’s formal wear includes evening gowns, cocktail dresses, ball gowns and evening gowns accompanied by tuxedo sets.

Wearing the Best Suit Ever

Tuxedo is a shortened version of the full formal suit and it consists of a jacket, trouser and tie. Commonly, tuxedos are worn with dinner jackets but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to wear a dinner jacket, you can put on a coat over your jacket if the weather is fine.

When you’re wearing a tuxedo, it’s always best to check the current fashion standards first before you decide to buy one. It’s not necessary that you buy the right size for you. The current trends are for slim pants, slacks and a clean shirt with a tie. And it’s not necessary for you to buy a suit with an overly large belt, since you’ll probably wear it with a conventional belt anyway. Most formal suits have belt loops so you can just use that instead.

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