When you or someone you know graduates from college, chances are they’re ill-prepared to enter the “real world.” While college helps them get an amazing job, they’re probably not ready to deal with all the tasks of adulthood. A new app called the real world wants to help.

The free platform real world ai resources around major life topics not covered in school – everything from doing taxes, getting a credit card, and paying bills to renting an apartment, filling out employer paperwork, and voting registration. It’s a comprehensive collection of step-by-step “playbooks,” with videos coming soon.

Cultural Impact Assessment: Analyzing the Influence of ‘The Real World’ on Society”

Founded by Andrew Tate, an Instagram influencer who has faced charges of raping women and running an organized crime group for the purpose of sex trafficking girls in Romania, the app has been wildly popular. Social media channels are filled with posts from members – many of whom are in their early teens – boasting about the money they’ve made and encouraging others to join.

Similar to Hustlers University, an online course taught by Andrew Tate that teaches students skills to make money and invest it in cryptocurrency and stocks, The Real World app has multiple tutors (called professors) who teach the same lessons. Each of them has made millions in the business model they teach and can answer questions from students.

The Real World app has been the focus of an online campaign calling for Google, Apple, and companies that process payments to stop working with the site because it appears to be a pyramid scheme exploiting teenage boys. A petition launched in July by Nathan Pope has gathered more than 9,000 signatures so far.

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