The Magic Mushroom Dispensary

When people hear the word “dispensary,” they usually think of cannabis, but specialized stores dedicated to federally outlawed psychedelic mushrooms are popping up all over North America. These mushroom shops cater to intrepid psychonauts who wish to explore their inner reaches with mind-altering drugs, as well as to those seeking relief from mental and physical suffering. Go here

The federal government considers psilocin and psilocybin, the active compounds in magic mushrooms, to have high abuse potential with no medical benefits, so their sale and possession remains illegal on a federal level. However, in some jurisdictions, like Florida, it is legal to possess mushrooms and grow them in private. That allows these shops to operate in a gray area that mirrors the cannabis dispensaries that have thrived as a result of marijuana’s legalization.

Customer Experiences: The Best Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Ottawa”

FunGuyz is one such shop. It has 11 locations in Ontario and five in Toronto. Police have raided the stores and seized stock, but the company has continued to open new locations. A spokesperson says FunGuyz sells only therapeutic products, not recreational ones.

Regardless of their intent, it is clear that the mushroom dispensaries are operating in a grey area. Federal regulators have not given them any official permission to operate and they are not regulated by provincial authorities. This puts them at risk of a police raid and possible arrests, but they are continuing to operate despite the risks.

The people who run the mushroom shops are engaging in what some describe as civil disobedience, similar to those who opened cannabis shops before it was legalized. It’s unlikely that the mushroom dispensaries will be shut down anytime soon, though it’s possible that they could find themselves in trouble with conservative political leaders who aren’t as progressive on drug policy as the rest of the population.

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