Tattoo Parlours in Melbourne Australia

tattoo parlour melbourne

The city of Melbourne is home to many tattoo parlours. There is a wide range of tattoo parlours operating in Melbourne ranging from small family run tattoo parlours to large corporate shops that cater to a global clientele. Some of the larger tattoo parlours can even have an extensive display of tattoos that can be displayed on a wall for all to see. This article will seek to explore some of the more popular tattoo parlours in Melbourne Australia as this will provide you with an insight into the types of designs and tattoo styles being customised and offered for sale at these establishments.

If you are searching for a tattoo parlour Melbourne that will not only accommodate your personal tastes in body art but also has an extensive collection of high quality tattoo designs, then I would recommend checking out The Artistic Tattoo Studio. Located within the City of Melbourne, The Artistic Tattoo Studio is home to one of the largest ranges of tattoo artists in Melbourne. The entire place is designed to provide its clients with the best tattooing service possible. You will find a number of tattoo artists that specialize in different areas of body art such as faces, body, and tribal tattoos among others.

Another well known and highly reputable tattoo parlour shop is called Xtend Life. Founded by Melvyn DeVilliers and Peter Bain it is regarded as one of the best tattoo parlours in Melbourne. The shop offers a wide array of body art including Tribal, Dragon, Stars and Double T tattoos. They also pride themselves on their high quality service and use of high quality ink that is created in house. The tattoo parlour has also received a lot of good feedback from past and present clients and is recommended by many people that have received tattooing at this location.

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