Spray Foam and Cement Lifting – Leveling Concrete With Spray Foam Insulation

As a spray-on, liquid-applied product, spray foam insulation is unique in that it expands to fill spaces and gaps. This creates a tight building envelope which improves energy efficiency. Open and closed-cell spray foam also dampens noise, prevents ice dams (by creating an air seal), stops air flow and drafts, and reduces moisture buildup.

Homeowners have the option to apply spray foam themselves, or hire a professional insulation contractor. Since spray foam expands very quickly once it’s mixed, professionals have the equipment and know-how to ensure a quick and neat installation without sagging or swelling. Additionally, spray foam insulation manufacturers often only sell their products to licensed professionals.

Understanding the Process: How Spray Foam Insulation Works

If you decide to go the DIY route, make sure you use low GWP spray foam insulation products such as BASF Walltite CM01 or Genyk Boreal Nature. These products utilize HFO blowing agents which are lower in GWP than traditional spray foam insulation.

Closed-cell spray foam is typically more expensive than open-cell spray foam, but it offers a greater R-value per inch and doesn’t develop mold or mildew in high-moisture conditions. Additionally, it is physically stronger and does a better job of covering cracks, crevices and voids than other types of conventional insulation.

Uneven concrete surfaces can create trip hazards, damage cars, and compromise structural stability. Leveling concrete with spray foam insulation addresses these issues and provides many other benefits. Contact Central Spray Foam and Cement Lifting today to learn more about how our spray foam insulation can restore the safety, security, and appeal of your property.

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