Setting Up An IT Company In Durban, KwaZulu Natal

When it comes to establishing a new IT Company in Durban/KwaZulu Natal, one must know that the South Africa market is full of huge potential and opportunity. This country offers a lot to corporate clients and a thriving IT industry is very much entrenched in the country. As a result of this flourishing IT industry, the government of South Africa is supporting IT sector with huge amounts of investment money in the form of tax incentives and support for the setting up of manufacturing units for IT products. So the opportunities are there to establish an IT Company in Durban/KwaZulu Natal which can later transform into a Research Park or a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center. Such a center would require around 5000 square meters of computer space including servers, racks, workstations, technical, lab, office furniture etc.

IT Company in Durban

Setting Up An IT Company In Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Once established, you can offer your company a wide range of services and you can focus on particular niche areas like software development, database management, software supply chain management, engineering services, data management and much more. As far as I am concerned, setting up an IT company in Durban/KwaZulu Natal is not at all difficult but getting the right kind of investors to back your initiative is the tough part. You need to approach a few business houses or organizations in order to gain contacts and also have a good working relationship with them. If you are lucky enough to get such investors, then things will be smoother. Otherwise things will become tough as you will need to attract and convince a larger set of investors to take part in your venture

You must keep your target market in mind while choosing an area for setting up your IT company in Durban. The best areas would be near hospitals and schools so that the IT resources can be utilized well by students or other professionals. If you are unable to find investors in your area, you can always seek the help of the human resource officer. He would be able to provide you with various suggestions regarding the demographics, industry and even cultures of people living in that particular area. With this information you can definitely plan the demographics of your company according to the kind of customers you would like to serve. The human resource officer is the right person to pursue this idea as he would know the areas in which you would be able to flourish the most.

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