Restore “Really Dirty Carpets” With the Rotovac 360i

rotovac 360i


The rotovac 360i is a rotary extraction power head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. This patented system eliminates the need to push and pull a traditional scrub wand back and forth. This results in less physical labor for the operator and a more thorough cleaning with better drying times than manual scrubbing.

It can be used with any extractor and is air flow calibrated for maximum efficiency. Its rotary jet extraction power head features 3 stainless steel shoes for smooth gliding and spray jets to apply cleaning solution better (less overspray). It operates in a self propelled side to side motion, making it easy to use and requires very little physical effort.

This unit can be fitted with a variety of different vacuum and agitation brush heads to suit specific jobs. These include a carpet quad head with four stainless steel Swoop Glide vacuum ports and 4 spray jets for higher flow and more agitation. A hex brush head is also available with six hex brushes for a wider cleaning swath and a hard floor bonnet block with low profile premium polyester-rayon blend loops for dry cleaning, encapsulation, or buffing resilient floors such as vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood.

Maximize Your Cleaning Efficiency with Rotovac 360i: Tips and Tricks for Effective Use

The hex head has been designed to be easy to use and is an ideal choice for tackling heavily soiled commercial carpets that are not able to be cleaned with a standard wand due to high rinsing or agitation requirements. The hex head is also a great alternative for the traditional scrub wand when working with light to medium soiling in residential applications.

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