In the Christian liturgy, psaume 91 is a sung prayer for the day before Shabbat. It is usually sung in the office of the mass, on the first Sunday of careme in C8 and at the sixieme hour in orthodoxy. Its verses were composed by Felix Mendelssohn in 1844. The song was first translated into French by Clement Marot in 1679, and later revised by Valentin Conrart and Chapal.

Is Psalms 91 a protection prayer?

The psaume 91 is also known as the Psaume of Protection, and has a number of translations, including Hebrew and Latin. The Hebrew name for the psaume is Yoshev besseter, and the Latin title is Qui habitat. In the christian tradition, it is associated with heavy circumstances, and has been used to describe the deuil of war. The christian armed forces adopted this song during the 1975 Lebanon War. It is also sung at the office of Complies.

Psalm 91 expresses confidence in God, and in His ability to protect the righteous. It also speaks of the power of His Son to crush lions and adders. This imagery comes from the Passover Night, when the Destroying Angel passed through Egypt and the faithful Israelites were protected by God. It is also a reminder of the blessings that God gives to the faithful.

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