Game hacks have been around for as long as PC games have, with sniper aimbots, wallhacks and other tricks giving cheaters an unfair advantage. Some games, like PUBG and Destiny 2, have lost player numbers as cheating became an issue, while others like Battlefield have taken steps to address the problem.

In the early days of pc game hacks , players would use programs called ‘trainers’ to modify their game experience and unlock secret levels or weapons. In 2023, there are a number of different types of pc game hacks available for gamers to use, each designed with a unique set of goals in mind.

A popular method of pc game hacking is to manually enter a special code into the game, activating a specific built-in feature that enables players to achieve a certain goal or advantage without having to complete the entire level. This is usually done using a keyboard or a piece of hardware that’s specifically designed to help gamers input cheat codes.

Defeat hundreds of other players and be the last one to survive

Other pc game hacks are implemented by directly modifying the game software, despite EULAs that forbid modification and 3rd-party protection systems that detect changes. This can be done by reverse engineering or by modifying underlying system drivers, for example, graphics driver modifications that ignore depth checking and draw all objects on the screen – a primitive form of a wallhack.

Many pc game hackers can be downloaded for free on websites, but care should be taken as some may contain malware instead of the cheated features they promise. However, a few paid-for options do exist, including the in-depth Cheat Engine and its more lightweight counterpart, the Cheat Table.

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