Office Copier Accessories – Tips When Buying a Copier

Office copier accessories are available from many different suppliers in various shapes and sizes. Some of these will fit onto the machine whilst others are stand alone devices that can be placed at either end or on both sides. In most cases, a basic stand alone copier will come with basic components such as a copier ribbon, a paper feeder, copier ink cartridge and a small storage drawer. If you are looking for a little more than that then you might have to invest in some additional office copier accessories such as a copier tray, an optional scanner tray and a memory card reader.

All Kinds of Photocopier Accessories

As mentioned previously, a copier accessory is simply anything that is used to enhance the look of your copier. These items can be bought in many different colours, styles and designs. One of the most popular office copier accessories which is often overlooked by people who do not regularly use their copiers is a small desk fan. Office copier fans help circulate the air whilst keeping the room cool and this is especially useful if you work in an open plan office.

Another popular office accessory which may not be thought of as an office copier accessory is a copier mouse mat. Although a mat can be used on any type of copier, a simple one can help prevent slips and falls when you use your copier on a regular basis.

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