The quietest tires on the market are those by Mudtires. I remember when we got our first set of quiet mudtires from them. I sure thought that these were going to be a great deal, and they looked great too. The look of the original ‘big muck’ tire just screams class, but now after having them for a few years I have to say that I am actually blown away by how quiet they really are.

quiet mudtires

Mudtires Tires – Quiet Tires

Mud tyres are some of the best designed and built tyres that there are on the market. They are extremely well built and the manufacturers of these tyres took great care in designing them to ensure that they would hold the pressure in them and also have the smallest amount of contact with the surface of the road that they could possibly have. This is because they are specifically designed for off road use and all day use on smooth roads. The technology in these tyres is really quite amazing, and they can handle a whole host of different terrains. In fact some of the more aggressive models can even handle rocks and tree tops!

One thing that is a little strange about this Mud tyres is that they come in only two colours. While all four seasons tyres come in various colours, it is only the two main colours that can be purchased. Because these are made for off road use and specifically designed for off road use only, many companies like Mudlendar have decided to limit the colour choices available to two. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy them in other colours! The two colours that you can purchase are Black and Gunmetal and they are just as great off road as they are on the roads.

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