For a city known for gambling, partying and cutting loose, Las Vegas Demolition no surprise that when Las Vegas casinos and hotels die, they do so with a bang. The Strip has long been home to a series of spectacular implosions, each with its own special flair and history.

Which Las Vegas Casino is being demolished?

Whether you’re a fan of the spectacle or just feel a pang of sadness for places that spawned warm memories, there’s no doubt that the explosions are a reminder that even in this ever-changing casino-hotel mecca, change is possible and that old real estate can be replaced with something new.

In the days leading up to a demolition, security personnel and contractors check on the building and remove any furniture or other objects that could fall during the blast. Any combustible items are also removed, and workers cut slits in structural steel beams or weaken concrete support columns to help the structure collapse more quickly. It’s common to cover stairwells and hallways with dust, so crews can track footprints after the blast.

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LAS VEGAS (AP) — An elevator shaft withstood the more than two-ton explosive punch meant to implode the Clarion Casino-Hotel, which largely crumbled in a predawn demolition that was supposed to clear the site off the Las Vegas Strip and near the convention center for new construction.

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