Landscaping Ideas That Add Character to Your Front Yard Landscape Design

One of the most important components of a curb appeal is the front yard landscape design. Plants and shrubs that complement the front yard’s size, shape will all help enhance curb appeal. A curb appeal landscaping project will give a unique appearance to your home and will also add value to your home. There are several elements involved in a successful front yard landscape design. You’ll need to have a general idea of what you want your lawn and shrubs to do, consider the type of climate you live in and be aware of your neighbors so you know what types of plants and shrubs will and won’t work well in your area.

Landscaping Ideas That Add Character to Your Front Yard Landscape Design

With a general idea of what you want for your front yard landscape design, you can start with the walkways, pathways, and entrances to your home. The walkway’s shape, location, width and materials should all coordinate with the rest of your design. Your entrance’s walkway should be wide enough for guests to walk through comfortably, but not wide enough for traffic to be a problem. Pathways, as you probably know, provide a safe route for your guests and allow you to easily access your front entry.

Of course, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on front yard landscaping, you might consider some simple ideas that will still create a unique look for your home. For example, if your entry is from a street, consider adding some plants to either side of your front yard. Small trees, shrubs or flowers placed in the right areas can make any walkway look elegant. And, along with plants and shrubs, consider adding some birdhouses, fountains or statues to help create an interesting focal point for your entryway.

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