Is There a 2023 Stimulus Check?

is there a 2023 stimulus check

Back in 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic was raging and Americans were struggling to make ends meet, there was some light in the darkness: some states began sending out “is there a 2023 stimulus check.” The payments, formally called Economic Impact Payments, were meant to help offset higher prices during the pandemic. Americans have three such lifelines. Now that the pandemic has passed, many are wondering if there will be a fourth stimulus check this year.

VERIFY took to the experts and found out that while the federal government may not be sending another round of these payments, some states still offer them. Whether or not your state is sending you a one-time state rebate or inflation relief payment will depend on a few different factors, including state eligibility criteria and payment amounts.

The Potential for a 2023 Stimulus Check: Exploring the Possibilities

For example, Colorado is giving out one-time rebates worth up to $1,400 per household. Eligibility for this state stimulus payment depends on your state tax filing status: married filing jointly, head of household, or single. The state is also taking into account any dependents you have (up to two) and your state-adjusted gross income.

Other states that are sending out similar rebates and stimulus payments include Montana and New Mexico, which have budget surpluses thanks to billions of dollars in federal relief. The IRS has weighed in on these special state rebate payments and said they will likely not be taxable. That being said, you should consult a trusted tax professional before filing your 2023 federal return for details on how these special state rebates will affect your taxes.

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