eco tuning diesel

ECO tuning focuses on the diesel tuning gold coast of fuel consumption. The goal of this is to lower consumption values while still allowing for a similar performance level. In addition to lowering fuel consumption, this type of tuning also reduces CO2 and NOx emissions. It works by modifying important software parameters in the engine control unit (ECU).

With a new ECM calibration you can get a significant boost in horsepower and torque with a diesel tuner or programmer. This unlocks the untapped potential of your truck and will allow you to tow heavy trailers, or just get more miles out of a tank of gas.

Optimizing Diesel Performance: The Art and Science of Diesel Car Tuning

But what about lowering fuel consumption without sacrificing power? With PowerControl you can achieve this by adjusting the injection cycle. This allows for a more precise fueling process and enables more efficient combustion. The result: a savings potential of up to 15%. This is especially useful for long-distance journeys, on highways or country roads. For passenger transportation, delivery services and company vehicles this is a real economic competitive advantage.

Whether it’s for the private driver, or as part of an industrial operation – the cost of fuel is always a big factor. With a reduction in fuel consumption, the vehicle can cover more distance on one tank of petrol. This makes a big difference for drivers who often accelerate frequently, such as travelers or service providers. The PowerControl eco mode is ideal for these situations, as it optimizes the throttle response and enables the driver to change gear earlier.

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