die cut stickers

Die cut stickers are the best choice for custom designed stickers with a specific shape and size. They look great on a variety of surfaces, and are ideal for business logos, product hangtags, and other unique designs!

What is a die cut sticker?

A die cut sticker is a type of sticker where the backing is laser cut to fit the exact shape of your design. This is a more expensive option than kiss cut, but it can create a higher-quality sticker that looks better on your products.

What is the difference between a die cut and a kiss cut sticker?

A die cut is made by cutting straight through the vinyl and paper backing to the exact shape of your design. This makes it a more durable and long-lasting option.

Unlike kiss cut, die cut stickers can have any shape you can think of! They can be as simple as a circle or square, or even more elaborate like a star or the outline of your logo.

The Ultimate Guide to Die Cut Stickers: Types, Designs, and Uses

A roll of die cut stickers is more convenient and easier to store than a sheeted sticker. They also come in a wider selection of colors and sizes, making it easier to order exactly what you need for your next project!

What is the difference between a kiss cut and a die cut?

A kiss cut is similar to a die cut, but the blade only cuts through the top layer of material. This leaves the paper backing intact, making it easy to peel and apply your sticker. It’s a great option for delicate designs or those that will be going onto a more rough surface.

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