You can walk into a liquor store and buy a bottle of vodka, but buying marijuana in DC can be tricky. Unlike most states, where recreational marijuana is legal, DC doesn’t allow for the direct sale of cannabis—but there are workarounds. For example, residents and tourists can buy cannabis from I71-compliant gift shops like The Garden in downtown Washington. To do so, you purchase a token (e.g., a tote bag) and receive weed as a “free gift.” URL

While the District has decriminalized marijuana possession for adults aged 21 and older, selling it remains illegal. And federal law enforcement officers still have the right to arrest anyone who possesses marijuana in the District of Columbia on federal land, on the Metro system, or around federal buildings.

The Green Oasis: Finding Your Perfect DC Weed Dispensary

Despite the prohibition on direct sales, DC’s cannabis industry has been flourishing thanks to the loophole mentioned above. As a result, there’s now a plethora of DC weed dispensary that offer everything from edibles to vape juice to flowers. Here’s a look at the best places to get weed in the nation’s capital.

Recreational marijuana is legal in the city of Washington, DC, for citizens over the age of 21, but residents are limited to possessing two ounces at a time and can only give up to one ounce of pot to another resident. Those who aren’t able to legally possess cannabis in the city of Washington, DC, can take advantage of the District’s I71-compliant gift shops like The Gift, which sell non-cannabis products and provide DC residents with free marijuana gifts. Those who want to avoid the legal hassles can also take advantage of I71-compliant weed delivery services in Washington, DC.

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