Daytime Hotels – How They Are Changing the Hotel Industry

Daytime hotels  are quickly shaking up the hotel industry. By offering rooms and services for a short period of time during the day, these hotels are bringing in new customers who wouldn’t normally book an overnight stay. This allows hotels to unlock additional revenue without making significant changes to their property or operations.

Typically, day hotels offer guests the opportunity to use their rooms for a fraction of the cost of an overnight stay. They may also offer amenities such as spa access or gym facilities. For many people, the appeal of a day hotel is its flexibility and convenience. This is especially true for business travelers who need to freshen up between meetings or tourists on a tight schedule.

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The number of people booking a hotel room for the day is increasing rapidly, with both leisure and business travellers using it to their advantage. Many travel sites, such as So Room and Dayuse are allowing hotels to set up their own day-booking platforms where they can offer rooms at discounted rates. This allows hotels to tap into a new market of potential customers who may not be able to afford a hotel stay but still want to enjoy the luxury of being in a hotel.

In addition to the benefits for the hotel guest, daytime hotels are a great way to boost footfall for other hotel services. This includes on-site bars, restaurants, spas and gyms. These additional bookings increase revenue and help to increase customer loyalty.

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