Children’s Make Up May Be Harmful

Childrens Make Up

A new study suggests that the makeup, face paint and body glitter many kids use to adorn themselves with unicorns, butterflies, and Oh Flossy may be harmful to their health. Cosmetics for kids, like those made for adults, are a major source of exposure to environmental toxins, including heavy metals, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. And, as the authors of this paper point out, children have a larger surface area to volume ratio and are more likely to absorb these chemicals through their skin than adults.

While these products are marketed to children and sold in brightly colored packages that boast images of princesses, they lack rigorous regulatory oversight and have been found to contain a wide variety of toxic substances. Even those touted as “nontoxic,” “organic” and “natural” can contain ingredients such as arsenic, cadmium, asbestos, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Playful Glam: Navigating Children’s Makeup for Creative Expression

So how can parents and guardians avoid these toxins while still encouraging their kids to express their creativity with makeup? To find out, this research surveyed 312 parents/guardians about their children’s use of cosmetic and personal care products (CMBP). The researchers asked respondents to rank their child’s motivation behind the use of CMBPs on a scale from 1 (“play”) to 10 (“beautification”). Children aged 12 years and younger used CMBPs more frequently than other age groups. A large online retailer was the most common reported purchase point for CMBPs.

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