CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective analgesic. It may help soothe muscles and alleviate the pain of arthritis, joint discomfort, and chronic back problems. It also works as an antioxidant, aiding your body’s natural recovery and reducing anxiety associated with pain. CBD works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system to block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Cbd creams for pain can be applied directly to the affected area for faster relief, and they are usually formulated with additional cannabinoids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other beneficial organic compounds. They are typically made with hemp seed oil and either broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. They are generally safe to use and have no negative side effects. However, it is important to avoid applying these products to any sores or broken skin.

Relief in a Jar: Exploring the Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain

Aspen Green’s cbd muscle rub is a water-based product that contains full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, and it is free from artificial preservatives, plasticizers, synthetic ingredients, heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, residual solvents, and GMOs. It is absorbed quickly and has a neutral smell.

This cream contains cooling menthol and Arnica along with a full-spectrum CBD extract. It is a light lotion with a pump for easy dispensing. It’s a great option for those who need to move around but don’t want to deal with the messiness of a traditional cream in a jar. It’s made with American-grown hemp and is third-party tested. It also offers discounts for veterans, teachers, first responders, low income households, and people with disability benefits.

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