Day: October 16, 2020

A Guide To Octopus Perth

Octopus Perth – The beautiful underwater life of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is well known to the whole world. However, it is the amazing marine life found in the Southern Ocean and on the ocean floor that are less known about. These species of marine creatures have a very important part to play in the balance of the great ocean ecosystem. They are also the victims of human activity. And that makes them a worthy target for preservation, conservation and research in all their glory.

octopus perth

Features Of Octopus Perth

The octopus Perth is a good example of one such creature. It belongs to the class of cephalopods, or octopus (Cephalopoda). These are sea creatures with eight arms that are used for catching prey and holding it while swimming through the water. Most octopus live by themselves but a small number of them gather together to form schools.

Octopus Perth has a peculiar feature: it swims upside down. What’s more, it does so not by swimming, but by using the pectoral fins on its head as support. Why does it do that? The answer is that this marine creature has two sets of flippers at the end of its legs, which help it glide underwater.

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